“It was definitely a urprie” Former Viking Guard Ezra Cleveland reflect on hi unexpected trade to the Jaguar jut before the trade deadline

The Minnesota Vikings drafted Ezra Cleveland in 2020 and played his entire career for the Vikings, but at last week’s trade deadline, he was traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Ezra Cleveland: Trade from Vikings to Jaguars was a surprise, I had no idea.— ProFootballTalk (ProFootballTalk)

November 9, 2023Just a week after getting dealt to the Jaguars by the Minnesota Vikings, the 25-year-old lineman shared he never saw it coming.

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Cleveland told the USA Today, “It was definitely a surprise. My agent called me a little bit before it happened and let me know. I had no idea.”

He also said, “I feel like anyone who was in that situation, they’d feel that way. But that’s just the NFL. It’s a new team, I’ve got to learn everybody’s names and get to know them. The o-line’s been great so far, I’m excited to play with them.”

As for his new team, Jacksonville, Cleveland is joining a team that has already won five straight games and is two games up in the AFC South standings.

Talking about his new teammate, Cleveland said, “Everyone here is in a really good mood, and everyone’s been really nice. I can’t tell if that’s from being 6-2, or I’m sure it’s because of the sunny weather. I haven’t been in a place with a bunch of sunny weather. But everyone’s been really nice, it’s exciting to come into a contender and hopefully, I can help them out.”

He also added, “If they want me to play, then I’ll play. If I’m a backup, I’ll be a backup. I’m here to support the guys, get to know them, learn the offense the best I can, and I’ll be ready when my number is called. I think I got the playbook down, pretty much.”

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