Big-game potlight till too bright for Dolphin Tua Tagovailoa

Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa throws a beauty of a lefty spiral that wide receiver Tyreek Hill calls the

most accurate ball in the NFL. Tagovailoa trains hard, says the right things before and after games and has the statistics to hang with the elite QBs.

Statistics are fun for fantasy football, but Dolphins fans dream of Tagovailoa leading his team to prime-time wins. Thus far, he has yet to play well against top-notch opponents. Miami is 6-0 against teams with losing records, 0-3 against teams over .500.

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Tagovailoa had plenty of opportunities but failed to secure a signature comeback versus Kansas City Chiefs in Week 9. It was the

Dolphins defense that kept Miami in the game and gave Tagovailoa a chance, but he could not do something as basic as securing the ball from his center Connor Williams.

“Then with the last play of the game, Im always going to blame myself. Ive got to catch the ball,” Tagovailoa said,

per ESPNs Marcel Louis-Jacques. “Whether thats getting in a better position to catch it or whatever it is, cant end the game like that when we have an opportunity like that against a really good team.”

This cannot happen at the crescendo moment, and its quite common for some noteworthy NFL QBs. Its hard to forget Tony Romos extra-point fiasco or Dak Prescott handing the ball to his teammate instead of the referee. Neither Romo nor Prescott ever won the big one.

Tagovailoa must learn from this mistake and be more head-strong if he wants to avoid the same fate.

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