“All thi Dehaun Waton lander quiet today” – Tyreek Hill jump to maligned QB’ defence, urge detractor to give him more time

Tyreek Hill is stirring up some controversy among NFL fans with his comments about Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson following Cleveland’s impressive comeback victory against the Baltimore Ravens. Watson played a pivotal role in the game, leading the Browns to a 33-31 win, overcoming a 31-17 deficit.

TRENDING: #Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill defending #Browns QB Deshaun Watson “All this Deshaun Watson slander quiet today 🥹”

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😬 pic./lk0w7yU7t0— MLFootball (_MLFootball) November 13, 2023In the game, Watson displayed his skills, throwing for 213 yards with one touchdown and one interception. The victory marked a significant moment for Cleveland (6-3) and tightened the race in the competitive AFC North.

Hill took to social media to address Watson’s critics, stating, “All this Deshaun Watson slander quiet today.” The statement seems to be a response to those who may have doubted Watson’s abilities or criticized him prior to the game.

Tyreek Hill defending Deshaun Watson is a bit on the nose iVNB9Kuoz4— Chuck (JukeboxCharley)November 13, 2023Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski praised Watson’s resilience, referring to him as a “warrior” for battling through an ankle injury in the second half. Watson’s flawless second-half performance, completing all 14 pass attempts for 134 yards, played a crucial role in the Browns’ comeback victory.

“He battled through an ankle injury in the second half. He’s a warrior.”#Browns Kevin Stefanski on Deshaun Watson going 14-for-14 in second half.

pic./zMOce3vzz6— Scott Petrak ct (ScottPetrak) November 12, 2023The social media post by Tyreek Hill has sparked discussions among NFL fans, with some supporting Watson and others expressing their opinions on the statement.

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