“He’ getting head-coaching money for the next four year of hi life That’ total BS” – The Gronk get in on Joh McDaniel bahing

There is talk, speculation, rumors and the usual spouting on social media after the Raiders recently axed Josh McDaniels as their head coach.

Former Denver Broncos tight end Nate Jackson shared a few anecdotes.“After trading (Jay) Cutler, Josh addressed the entire team and said, ‘Fellas, don’t worry about the quarterback situation. I can turn a high school quarterback into an All-Pro.”

Another tale according to media analyst Jackson, McDaniels apparently traded running back Peyton Hillis from the Broncos because the coach’s wife was attracted to him.

NFL cult icon Rob Gronkowski was also quick to put the knife in, saying, “I feel for him a little bit emotionally, but when you really think about it, this guy signed a six-year deal as a head coach. He’s gonna be paid out for those six years.”

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Tailing on the “Up & Adams” show, the Gronk said, “So, he’s getting head-coaching money for the next four years of his life. That’s total BS.”

Jay Glazer reported this Sunday that a pre-firing meeting was supposed to clear the air in a disconnected Raiders dressing room but this backfired.

“There was such a big disconnect with the players there and Josh McDaniels.“The players had recently gone upstairs to the owner, Mark Davis, to tell (him) what their problems were.”

“Eventually an ‘airing of the grievances’ occurred at a weekday meeting between coaches and players”, according to Glazer, “where “players just unloaded on Josh McDaniels, from captain to captain to player to player.”

The axing seems to have had the desired effect with the Raiders defeating the Giants 30-6 in week 9, the first game without the former HC.

They next play the Jets on Monday Night Football.

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