NFL Reaping Benefit of Deciion to Move Sunday Ticket to YouTube TV

Per Front Office Sports, the NFL is experiencing its highest viewership rate this season since 2018. According to the report, the NFL is averaging 17.5 million viewers across television and digital streaming platforms. The NFL is a cash cow with no signs of slowing down.

With that said, the NFL’s decision-making has played a large role in the annual success. One decision that they’re reaping the benefits from is the decision to move theSunday Ticket streaming package from DirecTV to YouTube TV.

Per the NFL’s chief business and media officer, Brian Rolapp, the decision to switch to YouTube TV had led to the league’s highest level of subscriptions in five years.

“We are already above where it was last year, we are the highest, we’re not releasing the number, we’re the highest subscription I think we’ve seen in five years,” Rolapp stated during the NFL’s Fall meeting which took place in New York.

It had been recently reported by Bloomberg that YouTubehad sold 1.3 million subscriptions this season, with roughly half of said subscribers being new to YouTube TV.

In other words, not only are people subscribing to watch the NFL, but they’re going out of their way to create YouTube TV accounts in the process to have access to watch the NFL’sSunday Ticket.

Sunday Ticketsubscription fees can range anywhere from $349 to $489 depending on the specific package being purchased.

YouTube TV has a feature that allows viewers to watch up to four games at once, which has quickly become a favorite amongst fans/subscribers.

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