“You paid $10,000 for a Pomeranian” – Chad Ochocinco amazed by Shannon Sharpe’ exorbitant expenditure on pet dog, ay he could have acquired it much cheaper

Shannon Sharpe, the Hall of Famer, is considered to be one of the most incredible tight ends in the history of the NFL. He is also known for transforming his position throughout his career with top-notch running skills and prominent catching prowess.

In his career, he achieved incredible success and won three Super Bowls. He was with the Denver Broncos from 1990–1991, then went on to join the Baltimore Ravens and was with them from 2000–2001. He rejoined the Denver Broncos in 2002–2003.

Shannon Sharpe was in conversation with Chad Johnson, the former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver, during the “Nightcap with Unc and Ocho” podcast. The wide receiver is also known for his exuberance and quirky behaviour.

Sharpe was retelling the story related to the purchase of his Pomeranian dog and said, “It was February. I went and got a dog. I had to pay a lady to leave her country, fly to another country, pick the dog up, fly to LA, drop the dog off, and then get back.”

When Johnson asked how much the dog cost, considering the story,

“10. 10 bands (thousand). American dollars.”

Subsequently, Johnson was shocked by the amount Sharpe paid for the dog; however, the Hall of Famer also explained what the additional costs regarding his adoption were.

Johnson said, “Man, you pay $10,000 for a dog? Come on, man… could have got you a Pom from the city man for $300. I’m trying to wrap my head around this man. You know, I’m really very conscious on my financial decisions. I’m trying to understand you paying 10,000 for a dog. You feel me?”

Further saying, “And you still gotta get shots, right? You gotta go to the doctor, you gotta feed him, you gotta get food for him. You need to run things by me before you make those type of decisions. He don’t talk? Can he do a trick? For $10,000 that mothe**ucker better be able to do something,”

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