“You could tell he wa feeling it,” – Lion HC Dan Campbell feel the love for tar running back rookie Jahmyr Gibb

The Lions scouts and coaching department can take credit for their 26-14 win over the Raiders as running back Jahmyr Gibbs justified his high draft status.

Gibbs was selected as the 12th overall pick in 2023, in a move that baffled analysts at the time.

Gibbs spent two years at Georgia before a year stint at Alabama, and despite performing well in college his bust out at the draft caught many by surprise.

One person that was not surprised is Lions head coach Dan Campbell.

“You could tell he was feeling it,” Campbell said of Gibbs. “Every week he’s just gotten a little bit better and a little bit better. I thought last week was his best game, and this week certainly surpassed that.”

Gibbs won 189 scrimmage yards, significantly more than the combined efforts of the entire Raiders offense (157).

“I think the more he gains his own confidence in his own abilities in this league, he’s just going to continue to grow. And I think this was kind of the tip of the iceberg, if you will, for what he’s able to do and going to be able to do,” Campbell added.

Gibbs ran for 152 yards on 26 attempts, including a 27-yard touchdown and has been instrumental in the Lions getting back to winning ways after their disappointing loss to the Ravens in week 7.

“We’ve never felt like he was just an outside back,” the head coach said after the game.

“The allure of some of the outside stuff is his speed.”

The 6-2 Lions warned their first Monday Night Football win since 2017.

In posting such game altering figures, Gibbs became the fourth rookie at the Lions of all time to rush for more than 150 yards, joining Billy Sims, Kevin Jones and Barry Sanders.

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