Curry: I hold immense respect for Magic Johnson. The debate over the greatest point guard in history is unsettled.”

Warriors guard Stephen Curry was interviewed on media day.

Speaking about Michael Jordan’s previous comments claiming Magic Johnson was the best point guard of all time, Curry said, “It’s due to the difference in eras, and it’s one of those arguments where it’s not conclusive. That’s why all people like to ask questions and have discussions. Because I can say I’m the best, and Magic can defend his position, and other point guards can join the debate. That’s the beauty of basketball, that different eras exist. Going back to the beginning when I answered the question, I certainly have a lot of respect and admiration for Magic’s career accomplishments and his resume is unmatched. I’ve talked to a lot of people in the league who understand how we get into these – I say it’s silly conversations and then we’re talking about serious things. If you can get into those kinds of discussions, then no matter what era you’re from, no matter what your style of play is, traditional point guard or hybrid point guard, if you’re in those kinds of discussions, that means you’ve done a great job. I’m still trying to add to the accolades and that’s one of my favourite things about those discussions.”

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