Portland isn’t the greatest, so I don’t have concerns over Portland” – Tyler Herro brushes off the Blazers rumors after deciding to begin the season in Miami.

The Miami Heat was also in the race to get a deal for Damian Lillard this summer and with this Tyler Herros has been in the headlines.

At media day, Herros was questioned about being involved in the trade rumors, he was rumored to be a trade piece for the Heat to acquire Lillard.

The Miami guard said the Trail Blazers are not the best when speaking at media day after the Damian Lillard trade.

At just 23 years old, Herros has already won the NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year Award. After being drafted into the NBA in 2019, he is one of only six players who have averaged at least 20 points per game in the regular season.

In the interview, he commented on his trade rumor as the Lillard trade saga has finally ended, and the regular season has started.

Speaking to ESPN West Palm, he said,

“I’m not gonna say too much, I know my value, I’m just excited to hoop, for the teams that didn’t want me, that’s on you. For the teams that do want me, you’ll see why you want me.”

The comments, the teams that didn’t want me, are a follow-up to the Portland Trail Blazers response on the Herro trade linked up.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Portland had no interest in acquiring Herro. ESPN insider said on SportsCenter,

“Portland doesn’t have interest in bringing in Tyler Herro,” Their group, already, is built around young guards.”

When asked about his Miami next matchup with Portland, Herro responded as a reply to the Portland statement made earlier. He said,

“I’m ready to just play the best, Portland ain’t the best, So, I’m not really worried about Portland.”

Miami will travel to Portland on Feb. 28 and Herro is anticipated to get his chance to back up his talk.

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