Tsimikas: Leicester City are strong even after relegation, we must give it our all

Liverpool will face Leicester City in the EFL Cup. Before the match, Zimicas, who has just renewed his contract with the team, was also interviewed by Liverpool’s official website.

On the match

This is a very important game, we will give our best and we see every game and every tournament as unique. I think all the players who will play in this game, they are eager for this game, of course we want to win, united with the fans, we will do everything to win this game.

Wants to have more games in the team

“Yes, of course. I’ve been trying to move in that direction. I always want to play more and more games to challenge myself. Of course, this is a huge opportunity for me and for all the players who will play and I always do my best when I play and I will do exactly that. I really can’t wait for this game.

Liverpool’s youngsters often get a chance to play in the League Cup

I think everyone definitely helps the young players. I think when the manager chooses them to play they are totally deserving. We have a lot of very good players and no matter what their age is, they always give everything in the game so they certainly deserve the opportunity.

Of course, we have to help them as well, we have to give them advice and things that you know through years of experience in the game because sometimes it’s hard for them. So you have to tell the advice that is most useful for them, but I think our players are fully committed so you don’t have to say a lot of things.

On Leicester City as an opponent

I think, as I remember, it was a very tough game, a very strong opponent. Now they’ve been relegated to the Championship, it doesn’t matter. I think they will come back and they will do their best, so we have to be 100% focused in every part of the game.

So it’s going to be a very tough game and we have to be 100 percent ready for it. Of course, we want to win this trophy again. Everything will be special in this game and we have to give our best.”

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