Villa fans Matlaw: 220 million for Enzo + Caicedo, only 15 million for Luiz + Camara

Aston Villa fan and renowned Daily Telegraph journalist Matt Law wrote an op-ed after Chelsea’s 0-1 loss to Aston Villa with the headline – Chelsea have spent over £1billion but they are getting worse – and it’s a good thing they are getting worse. problems are mounting for Mauricio Pochettino

The column hit the nail on the head and every sentence seemed to hit home for Chelsea fans.

-Chelsea haven’t beaten a strong team in the Premier League since a 2-0 win over Tottenham Hotspur in January 2022, and the team they beat last March, Newcastle, are still in a relegation battle.

-So far this season, they have only beaten so far winless, Luton, who were promoted to the Premier League for the first time in the team’s history.

-Burley and Clear Lake Capital have spent over £1bn and haven’t improved anywhere.

-Enzo + Caicedo for a total of 220 million, Douglas Luiz and Boubacar Kamara, Villa man-marking two of Chelsea’s midfielders, the former for 15 million and the latter on a waiver.

-Moussa Diaby 45m, has 2 goals + 3 assists since joining Villa this season, £88m Mudric has only 2 assists.

-Pochettino’s side have failed to score a single goal in their last three league games and the Blues have 13 draws in the top flight in 2023, more than any other side.

-That’s the most games without a goal in a single season in the league since 1995, and they still have plenty of time to break the 14-game record.

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