Sears: the sky’s the limit for Lively, who has been surprisingly good at shooting in practice

Maverick affiliate head coach Jordan Sears spoke with the media about Maverick rookie Drake Leafly II.

Jordan Sears is the head coach of the Maverick-affiliated team, the Texas Legends, and also has roles in the Maverick’s video crew and player development department.

“Drake Lovely II has been playing great, he knows how to get the offense moving and as a big man he knows how to speed up the offense.” Jordan Sears said in an interview.

“At the same time, he’s made huge strides on the defensive end. He’s done a great job with rim protection, defensive positioning and defensive communication.”

“On the defensive end, the sky is the limit for Drake Lovely II.”

Speaking about Drake Lively II’s three-point ability, Jordan Sears said, “Drake Lively II has been shooting great in practice, which has been a pleasant surprise for us.”

“That doesn’t mean he can replicate his shooting performance in practice in a real game, though, but he is capable of going that way, and he’s able to have more options on the block.”

“From a shooting stance, Drake Lovely II has a very set hand shape. So, you can definitely expect Drake Lively II to develop his shooting ability over the course of his career.”

Drake Lively II was the No. 12 overall pick this year.

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