Maverick-affiliated team owner: Lovely is talented, he can do it all on the defensive side of the ball

Maverick affiliate head coach Jordan Sears spoke with the media about Maverick rookie Drake Leafly II.

Jordan Sears is the head coach of the Maverick-affiliated team, the Texas Legends, and also has roles in the Maverick’s video crew and player development department.

“Drake Lovely II is physically gifted, he has a high basketball IQ, and he has a lot of talent in him.” Jordan Sears said in an interview.

“I know everybody talks about his defense. Obviously, his height, his mobility and his athleticism allows him to do everything on the defensive end.”

“For a big man, we’re just looking for him to play simple, whether it’s in terms of covering angles, blocking down the floor, creating pressure at the rim, boxing out finishes, protecting the rim pushing offensive and defensive possessions, or communicating on the block.”

“Even though Summer League is only two months old, Drake Lovely II has already made tremendous strides in the details of his game and he is improving his ability in those areas every day.”

“At the same time, we think he has a great feel for the game, both in terms of passing and pushing the tempo, which isn’t something you see very often in a 7-foot-1 player.”

Drake Lively II was the No. 12 overall pick this year.

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