GREENE: There are a lot of tough players in the league, would anyone really be afraid of Magruder?

The Warriors beat the Pistons 118-91 in a regular season game that ended today. Warriors forward Draymond Green was interviewed by reporters.

Talking about his form, Green said he still needs 2-3 weeks to get back to his peak form.

“I’m pretty much back to my speed on the court, and I dunked today. It feels like it’s coming soon and I’m excited.”

Speaking about the clash between a Warriors player and Pistons player Rodney McGruder, Green said, “There’s too many tough players in this league, but I don’t know if anyone’s really going to be afraid of him.”

Talking about going 11-9 in the first 20 games, Green said, “We can do a little better.”

Talking about whether the team is moving in the right direction, Green said, “Sometimes yes, sometimes I don’t think so.”

For the game, Green had four points, five rebounds and six assists.

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