Enrique: I think Mbappe will be back soon; national derby so good quite perfect

Paris Saint-Germain manager Luis Enrique attends a conference after the 4-0 romp over Marseille.

“Can you tell us your plan?”

We used different formations depending on the opponent. Paris played their most complete game since I arrived as coach, and for the team to be able to perform like that during the national derby, that’s a real change. It was a great night.

Was it a perfect night?

I think so. We are getting closer to full control of the game and the players have an interconnection with each other. It was a really big day for us in terms of our performance.

What did you think of Ashraf’s free kick?

He is a very good player, especially from free kicks. He tries to do that in training and he can contribute a lot to the team. He is a defender, but he can be a midfielder and an attacker. It’s a pleasure for a coach to have a player like that.

What about Barkla?

It’s his first start in our team. He has a great imagination. I love everything about him. He gives us pace, crossing ability and he has the ability to score goals.

He also presents himself well in the air …… With Dembele, Ramos and Kolo Mouani, that was a great counterattack, wasn’t it? But I need 11 attacking players and 11 defensive players.

Did you like Zaire Emery’s performance?

He looked like he was 37, not 17. That’s very lucky for me. He’s already had a lot of experience playing with Galtier. He is complete, professional, humble and hardworking. This is an example of a player from the training center.

On Mbappe.

It’s not a serious problem, but he’s sore and it’s difficult (for him) to play. It was wiser to come off the field, it’s just a bump and I think he’ll be back soon.

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